How to add LDAP to the address book (Mac OS X)


IMPORTANT NOTE: the following steps need to be carried out in the order that they are presented in, failing to do so might result in an invalid configuration


  • open Directory Utility (under Applications/Utilities)
  • unlock the application (by clicking on the lock icon on the bottom-left corner of the application window)
  • go to the Services tab, click on "LDAPv3" (make sure it is enabled) and click on the pencil icon (icon on the bottom-left corner)
  • select "New", type "" as the server name and make sure that the options "Encrypt using SSL" and "Use for contact" are enabled (IMPORTANT: do NOT enable "Use for authentication"!)
  • click on "Continue" and then on "Manual"
  • choose a Configuration Name (for example "golp") and set "LDAP Mappings" to "RFC 2307 (Unix)"
  • next click on "Edit..." and on the "Security" tab select "Use authentication when connecting". For the "Distinguished Name" use the following (replace "sleepwalker" with your LDAP username):
  • next add your password (the one you changed in the previous howto) and press ok (IMPORTANT: whenever you change your LDAP password you also need to change it here)
  • press ok again
  • go to the "Search Policy" tab, select "Contacts", on the field "Search" select "Custom Path" and click on the plus icon; click on "Add" and then "Apply"
  • go the "Services" tab, click on LDAPv3 (make sure you don't disable it) and then on the pencil icon; click on "" and then on "Edit..." button
  • go to the "Security" tab and under "Security Policy" select "Encrypt all packets (requires SSL or Kerberos)"
  • go to the "Search & Mappings" tab, select "People", then select "Add" (there are two "Add" buttons on that page, click on the left one)
  • select "Attribute Types", type IMHandle and select it, then press ok
  • click on the right "Add" button and type IMHandle, press ok twice
  • close the Directory Utility
  • now open the Address Book, select the "Directories" group, search for the name you want and the name should appear, double click on it the display the person's information